Jewel memories

circus of my life

Hi all.
My name is Meeri and I'm from Finland. That's why my journal is usually written in finnish.
But I can easily change my writing to english, if I get couple friends, who can't speak finnish and want to read my journal. :) So come on, don't be afraid. I want new friends. ^^

Birthday and zodiac signs - 19.4.-94, aries
Eyes - light blue
Hair - brown
Family - big sister, mom, dad

Hobbies - sewing, drawing, photographing, baking, lolita, fashions, cleaning♥, reading, dancing, sports..
Movies - Amélie, Billy Elliot, Beetlejuice
Places - France; Paris&Strasbourg, England, Europe and Asia, our garden

Likes - designing, wind, rain, spring&autumn, letters, makeup powder, eating, art&fashion, health, thinking, shopping, friends&nice people, animals&pets, nature, makeuping, hair designs...
Dislikes - smoking, gum eating, trashing, loud speakers, loud noises, swearing
Fears - blood

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